Month: July 2013

Fetus frenzy

I wish she’d have that baby already! I’m so tired of the exhaustive and exhausting coverage of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. There’s something creepy about all the attention being paid her protruding belly and those of other celebrities who appear to… Read More ›

Wise Up!

The subject of Wisdom- what it is, who has it, how you get it, and what you do with it- is the topic of a number of blogs I’ve been reading lately. One of my favorite bloggers metaphorically throws up… Read More ›

Stuff & Nonsense

    I draw comfort from the fact that it’s not just me…other sixty-somethings also have a fraught relationship with their stuff.  On one hand, there’s a desire to divest oneself of old worn out possessions and dreams, on the… Read More ›