getting older

That Old Guy? He’s Retired Now, Right?

I’m not a big Jay Leno fan but I was infuriated by chief NY Times critic, Alessandra Stanley’s, insultingly dismissive remarks about Leno’s farewell show featured in the Feb. 8 edition of The Times. When Stanley writes  that Leno’s  “last hurrah… Read More ›

Missing Work

It’s sixteen months since I retired and for the first time I’m feeling a little ache when I think about the job I held for 27 years. I wouldn’t actually like to suddenly be back at my former workplace so… Read More ›

Brainy Books

The recent spate of books on the brain and its power, or lack thereof, are slowly undermining my confidence in my ability to think, reason, and decide. And not just because I’m in my sixties. And, since these flaws in… Read More ›