Month: March 2011

Listing dangerously

  I am an inveterate maker of lists. I create them on scraps of paper, post-its, fat pads, backs of envelopes, corners of books.   Things to do. Things to buy. Things to consider. Books to read. Things to avoid. Questions… Read More ›

Civil is as civil does

After the Phoenix shootings, there was a lot of chatter about the disgraceful lack of civility in our country. Any disagreement, small or large,  seems to spark rude, scathing, ad hominem remarks and/ or violent actions. This boorish discourse, some… Read More ›

Sufficient unto the day

  Back in school, weren’t we all taught to see history as progressive?  The bad old days were unpredictable, insecure and dangerous (nasty, brutish and short) . As luck and hard work would have it, we  proceeded neatly from the dark ages to present… Read More ›