Month: February 2011

Old self/new self

Having multiple versions of a self is not necessarily a bad thing!  (I’m not talking about  Sybil  and The Three Faces of Eve-  multiple personality syndrome.)   A recent book by Sherry Turkle, Alone Together, bemoans the “false selves” that young people project… Read More ›

Dust to dust

I figure I’ve spent some of the  best years of my life dusting the furniture.  If hard pressed, I can hazily recall an occasion or two when I dusted behind the furniture or even under it.   I use rags, towels, microfiber gloves, dust… Read More ›

They are all gone away…

  There are no good haunted houses around anymore; I’m thinking of old mansions, like Miss Havisham’s, with moldering curtains at the window, moth-eaten furniture, and old newspapers and pictures from another era strewn over the floors.   There are, unfortunately,… Read More ›