Month: July 2011

It takes a Villanelle

Nothing beats a cool drink and a villanelle on a steamy, sultry July afternoon. The drink can be random but the poem must be a villanelle. The haunting quality, the repetitions, the melodic story make for satisfying reading  poolside. Here’s… Read More ›

The way of time

           Some wise person once said “The days go slowly but the years go quickly.”  An even wiser person said  “It all goes too damn fast.” We sixty somethings know that the older we get, the faster time goes.  It’s… Read More ›

Dare to be bored

I was brought up to believe that to experience boredom was to exhibit a character flaw.  “Only the boring are bored,” was the unhelpful response if I dared utter the words “I’m bored,”  on some  hot, endless summer day when all… Read More ›