Month: June 2011

Good books, good times

I’m a big fan of book clubs/groups- whatever form they take:   in-person with food, library led, on-line, thematic, water-cooler types, or telephone based.  Though right now I  am a sporadic participant in two book groups, and chat about books on the phone with an… Read More ›

Life’s a beach

Four days at Rehoboth beach is the universal panacea for mental blight:  Bright sun glancing off the pearly ocean;  rhythmic pounding of the surf;  lacy hemlines of foam; brazen seagulls; cavorting dolphins close to shore; lifeguards practicing before sunrise; an absence… Read More ›


Back when I was thinking about having more children I would sometimes get a sensation of longing that a friend called “empty arms.” She told me that her mother would occasionally experience “empty arms,” even though my friend was one of eight… Read More ›

Meditation-ally challenged

Meditative State Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually sit down, sit still,  fold my legs, close my eyes, breathe rhythmically and try to meditate.  Meditation sounds in theory like the perfect cure for what ails me.  I do want to feel balanced and peaceful…. Read More ›

Achievers vs Sustainers

The one book that has influenced me most in both my personal and career life is Skills for Success by Adele Scheele, a nationally recognized career consultant who currently writes for the Huffington Post. I came upon this book, serendipitously,… Read More ›