Style for 60 plus

I saw an article in the Sunday Times that featured a blog devoted to describing and  celebrating the style and fashion sense of older adults.  The photographer and blogger, Ari Seth Cohen, 29, is joined by a small group of contributors… Read More ›

60, the new August

It’s the last day of August, the shortest month of the year.  August seems to start slowly, seductively, redolent of summer- blasting heat and cool drinks- and ends abruptly in nostalgia and school. At the beginning of the month you are immersed in summer… Read More ›

Lady Gaga

Five years have passed since I became a grandmother. I still find that word- grandmother– an uncomfortable fit. In my mind a grandmother is old, and crotchety with orthopedic shoes and little patience. I shared a room with my grandmother… Read More ›