Month: May 2011


Rah Rah I  just received an e-vite to my 45th high school reunion. Is it possible that I could be this old?  Wasn’t it just a blink ago that I was soaking up the sun on the grassy area next to the… Read More ›

Chocolate: the cure for what ails you

No meal is complete without a piece of chocolate.  It’s rich, it’s thick, it coats your tongue and it makes you forget your troubles.  Vanilla is anemic, strawberry is medicinal, mint isn’t robust… only chocolate satisfies.  Sure, it’s hard to… Read More ›

The next stage

A new book about a new stage Whatever point I am in my life, whatever problems I am encountering, whatever phase I’m going through….I turn to books.  I’m not looking for answers, per se, but rather some new insights to… Read More ›