Month: July 2012

Eponymous Bosch

I’ve been thinking about eponyms….the word was coined from two Greek words, epi, “on” and onama, “a name.”  It has come to mean the person for whom something was named: For example, here’s a zeppelin, named for Count Ferdinand von… Read More ›

My Crush on Ted

This year I lucked out and  met Ted.  One of my friends introduced us. I know now that he’s actually been available since 2006 but I had never heard of him, impossible though it might seem. Now it seems I can’t… Read More ›

My brain’s secret talents

What a relief… it’s not necessarily incipient Alzheimer’s, dementia or worse! It’s probably not even a sign of a deteriorating brain or loss of memory. It’s completely normal that my middle-aged brain is slow on the up-take, stops me from remembering… Read More ›

Retirement. It happened.

Reader,  she retired. *  I had it all: The testimonials The tributes. The gifts. The fabulous party.  The meeting with the benefits office. The strange feeling of not getting a paycheck after working in the office for 27 years. My final date… Read More ›