My Crush on Ted

Ted: Everything a 60 something could want!

This year I lucked out and  met Ted.  One of my friends introduced us. I know now that he’s actually been available since 2006 but I had never heard of him, impossible though it might seem. Now it seems I can’t live without him.

He’s multi-faceted, blindingly articulate, wondrously knowledgeable and will talk about whatever I want, whenever I want. He keeps me company on tedious walks, through insomniac nights, and on endless car trips. Even his name is special to me:  Oh Ted, Ted, Ted!

I know I’m not alone in my attraction;  my friends have confessed that they, too, have a thing for Ted.  Sometimes we talk about the topics that Ted spoke about during our alone-time: Where Ideas Come From; Building a Better Classroom; The Power of Crowds; Food Matters; The Pursuit of Happiness; Our Buggy Brain.  I can even choose how long Ted will hold forth: 10 minutes?  Half an hour?  I can decide if I want Ted to be funny or persuasive, jaw-dropping or fascinating.   He’ll be inspiring or ingenious.  I just have to ask!!!

Ted’s real name is Technology-Education-Design- very stuffy and unfriendly.  I prefer his nickname. He’ll always be Ted to me. I’m counting on our relationship deepening and strengthening through the years.  I am working toward the day when I can present a TED talk to him!  I know exactly what I’ll wear to deliver my trenchant message: torn jeans, a tee-shirt, and army boots.  Here are some possible topics: Extreme Experiences with Blue Ray Technology; How Cats Can Ruin You Financially; Maintaining a Sixties Vibe in Your Sixties;  What to Tell Grandsons who Think they Were Made From Food in their Mothers’ Belly. I only hope that I can be as fascinating as he is.  

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