Life’s a beach

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Four days at Rehoboth beach is the universal panacea for mental blight:  Bright sun glancing off the pearly ocean;  rhythmic pounding of the surf;  lacy hemlines of foam; brazen seagulls; cavorting dolphins close to shore; lifeguards practicing before sunrise; an absence of sharp angles- environmentally and psychically.
 Beach Vacation                                                                                                           
 It begins when I lunge
across the swell of sand,
hauling the blue blanket
and the old straw bag.
Smells come  first
spermy whiff of surf
a snuff or two of coconut,
the burnt sugar of baking limbs.
Then the sounds–                                                                                         
pounding waves, gull squawks,
screams of children, but
muffled, as within a shell.
I find the right place
beyond the fingers of
hightide and tumble
myself onto a clear space,
waiting for the sun, a dangling
yellow charm, to make more
suns to lodge behind my eyes                                                                                       
and in my bones.
By afternoon,
something within will loosen,
billowing up like an
unfurled sail.
– M.E. Green

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