Today is my birthday! My sixties will conclude  this year, setting the stage for my seventh decade.  In the blink of an eye I have gone from young to old, from fresh to crumbled, from newly minted to tarnished. The… Read More ›

Great Aunt

Great aunt or grand aunt is defined as the sibling of a grandparent, and I’m going to be one for the first time in April! I’m already packing to go to New York to attend the baby shower on February… Read More ›

Do we Really Want to be Superagers?

Sunday’s  NY Times (1/1/17) had a piece in the Sunday Review called “How to Become a ‘Superager.’”Apparently, doing puzzles, reading memoirs, and walking daily are not nearly enough to hold back the scourge of dementia. If you are seriously interested in… Read More ›

If Not Now, When?

In 1970 I laid my knitting needles to rest after creating the ugliest, most deformed, most scratchy scarf ever, an abomination that my husband didn’t even pretend to like. On July 10, 2016 I bought some multicolored yarn, a few… Read More ›

Facebook: Lessons Learned

Everyone’s spouse is a soulmate and everyone’s children and grandchildren are violinists with hearts of gold. Deal with it. People who die become guardian angels. Just because you want to reach out to old boyfriends, doesn’t mean they want to… Read More ›


My name is X and I am an accessory addict, a lover of furnishings, tools, rigging, trappings…all paraphernalia. Ruefully, I admit that pursuing new activities is often not as rewarding for me as investigating, ordering, buying and stockpiling all the… Read More ›

I am obsessed by cherry blossoms, or rather, the feelings inspired by their fragile beauty. It’s a sort of bitter-sweet acknowledgment that this beauty comes infrequently and is painfully ephemeral.  The Japanese word, aware, captures the feeling of poignant, fleeting… Read More ›