My name is X and I am an accessory addict, a lover of furnishings, tools, rigging, trappings…all paraphernalia. Ruefully, I admit that pursuing new activities is often not as rewarding for me as investigating, ordering, buying and stockpiling all the gear that supports these activities.

Even if I don’t regularly meditate I have to have cushions, chimes, DVDs, etc. Yoga? Pilates? I have the pants, the mat, the bands, the ball. Mahjong? I still can’t understand the game but I do have the American Mahjong official set, three books on the subject, and the email addresses of some willing teachers. Travel? Packing cubes, drip dry undergarments, multiple packs, backpacks, pick-proof handbags, special shoes and rain parkas.And I hate to travel. You see what I’m dealing with.

I’ve been looking around for some folks who share my affliction so we can form a support group. Maybe a shrink can help out. We can examine together the following questions: Is accessory addiction a harmful obsession? Or is it a victim-less pastime?

  1. Harmful? Accessory addiction does hurt the pocketbook; adds to the general clutter in the home; and provokes  guilt feelings when the stuff resides, underused and under-appreciated, in the closet.
  2. Helpful? Well, if the gear is all set to go, lack of preparation can never be an excuse for not attempting Mahjong, Yoga, traveling, etc. Also, you can  generously lend or donate the stuff to the less fortunate who have always wanted to paint, etc. Plus, everyone knows that in uncertain times, the patriotic go shopping so as to bolster the economy.



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