There really are no words…

I decided not to comment directly on the election and its aftermath, though it is the biggest elephant in my life at this time. Instead, I want to capture some of the verbiage: nouns, adjectives and phrases that reflect what I have felt and what I have heard  over the past few months. It’s not that I haven’t heard or spoken some of these words in the past, but new circumstances have forced their frequent and painful  repetition.

Adjectives: Affronted, angry, anguished, anxious, appalled, bewildered, concerned, confused,disturbed, dispirited, downcast, depressed, disgusted, enraged, frightened, frustrated, overwhelmed, saddened, shocked, suspicious,  terrified, taken aback

Nouns and Phrases: Assault on progress, assault on the truth, sexual predator, alternative facts, “she persisted,” instability, hypocrisy, lies, venom, innuendo, dishonesty, disgrace, unsavory action, salacious activity, lack of evidence, hacking, nuclear war, autocracy, despotism, fascism , dystopia, apocalypse, inevitable war, the Fourth Turning, deception, deceit, pseudo-science, antiMuslimism, antiSemitism, alternative facts, unethical behavior,  ignorance, incompetence

Words to foment change:  Activist, committed, demonstrator, determined, electrified, energized, galvanized,  inspired, motivated, marcher, participant, reinvigorated, roused, sparked,spurred on, stirred, vitalized…..more?

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