Hillarys ‘R’ Us

Hillarys ‘R’ Us

Hillary Clinton is just about one year older than me. She attended college at an all-girls college in the late sixties in the suburb of a major city, as did I. We probably wore the same bell bottoms and peasant blouses, listened to the same late Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and James Taylor albums. We both  pursued graduate education after we received our BAs .

But that’s where the personal similarities end. Hillary Clinton ( and all “Hillarys”-  women just like her-) were confident, principled, independent individuals who  passionately  demonstrated to the world their opposition to the Vietnam war and their support for social justice causes. And while I fervently shared these views and values, I shyly remained in the shadows, on the sidelines. I subscribed to the principles that the “Hillarys” stood for, donating money to the causes, but I never put myself on the line in support of them. I admired the “Hillarys”- strong, opinionated, outspoken women. I voted for them, valued their friendship and provided tacit support; but I didn’t march, demonstrate, or proclaim progressive points of view to anyone who would listen. I didn’t dare to be a leader, a sitting duck for criticism and condemnation. I didn’t have the fortitude to debate why my “Hillary” was better than other candidates for Hall president, editor of the newspaper, or treasurer of student government.”

But now the actual Hillary Clinton, who personifies all other “Hillarys,” is running for the office of President of the United States. She is my surrogate, my hero, my touchstone and I will proudly vote for her. All I have to show for my allegiance, though, is a Hillary sign on my lawn and a check in the mail. But I am very hopeful that Hillary Clinton will be elected President and serve as a fearless democratic and progressive voice for shrinking violets like me. For me and for so many other women, Hillary is Us.

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  1. I stand with you for Hillary. She is not just the first woman who has broken the glass ceiling and been nominated by a majpr political party to run for President , But she is also well prepared in so many ways to ably assume the leadership of our USA.

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