The sixties aren’t what they used to be!

Benefits of exercise

Benefits of exercise

*People who are 65 can expect to live to 83, up from 77 40 years ago.
*According to the MacArthur Foundation study, nearly nine in 10 Americans ages 65-75 say they have no disability.
*Nearly one-third of Americans 60-64 are involved in some sort of education.
*Eight in 10 Americans reject the notion that “my retirement is or will be similar to my parent’s retirement.”
*54% of boomers say doing work that helps others is very important to them and they expect to continue performing community service and volunteering.
*Approximately 23% of the population in the US is over 55. By 2030 it will be 31%.
*The number of employees older than 55 will reach a record 31.9 million by 2015, compared with 18. 4 million in 2000.

“When I’m Sixty-Four”

USA Today, 10/7/04

Challenges in the sixties

Challenges in the sixties

Staying in shape

Staying in shape

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