Old friends, old friends



Old friends grow especially important in our sixties. They remember us and value us for who we were as well as who we are today. As  Paul Simon put it: “…memory brushes the same years, Silently sharing the same fears.”  While it’s fun to find old friends from the past whose lives we haven’t kept up with, there’s little left to say after the  familydemographics are shared, the photos admired, and the reminiscences finished. The old, true friends are the ones who know those old embarrassing stories but love you anyway. True friends are those who admired your courage when you thought you might fall into a thousand pieces. Old friends are the ones who make an effort get to know your boyfriends, your first husband and any or all subsequent spouses, children, step-children and random in-laws but  are never really convinced that any of them are worthy of you. And true friends forgive you for your lapses and insensitivities and think you are great, anyway, they keep a special place for you in their hearts that years, distance, health and wealth will never alter.

When you are sixty it is a gift to have old friends out there in the world.


Top friends songs:

You’ve Got a Friend- James Taylor

Thank You for Being a Friend- Andrew Gold

Lean on Me- Bill Withers

I’ll be There for You- The Rembrandts

That’s What Friends are For- Dionne Warwick

Wind Beneath My Wings- Bette Midler

With a Little Help From My Friends- Beatles

and more…..old friendsimages

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