Taking a Break


This is my 140th Blog entry for Now We Are Sixty. I started this enterprise in September of 2009 with the idea of using this Blog as a platform to assess life as it strikes me as I proceed through my seventh decade. For the most part, keeping a Blog going has been an interesting and fulfilling enterprise. It is revelatory to look back on some of my reflections of four years ago to see what caught my attention then, as compared to now. I have particularly enjoyed the random comments from people who stumble upon my blog and pause to read and reflect

As the New Year 2014 moves closer, however, I have decided to take a break (call it a brief sabbatical) from my Blog for the rest of the year and the month of January. To me, taking a break means taking a step back from my Blog to see if it still meets my needs. It means evaluating how my Blog fits into my life, long term. It means removing the stress-filled aspects of the “relationship” temporarily.

In a committed relationship, a couple will often take a break in hopes that after a certain amount of time has passed, they can clarify what they mean to each other, and whether they want to continue with the relationship and, perhaps, take it to a new level.

My hope is that after re-examining my motivation in writing this Blog in the first place, I can return to it in February energized and ready to tackle new issues and new observations. My intention is not to “break up” with my Blog, but rather to give myself some quality time so I can revisit the Blog in a month or so, refreshed and ready to “reboot.” After all, I’m only at the midpoint of what is turning out to be one of the most creative and invigorating decades of my life!

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