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  • The Last Gift of Time: Life Beyond Sixty by Carolyn Heilbrun

      Carolyn Heilbrun, feminist, author and professor ended her life at age 77, having written this book a few years before.  She writes positively and optimistically about her sixties: “I found the revelation that I could look back on my sixties with pleasure… Read More ›

  • The sixties aren’t what they used to be!

    *People who are 65 can expect to live to 83, up from 77 40 years ago. *According to the MacArthur Foundation study, nearly nine in 10 Americans ages 65-75 say they have no disability. *Nearly one-third of Americans 60-64 are… Read More ›

  • Our cohort

    It’s nice to know that I am accompanied through my sixties by some celebrities. Whatever we are dealing with, so are they. We’re all in this together- politicians, actors, business people, journalists and more Diane Sawyer Hillary Clinton Bill Gates… Read More ›

  • Now We Are Sixty

    When I was One, I had just begun. When I was Twenty, I joined the cognoscenti. When I was Thirty, I was skinny and flirty. When I was Forty, I was athletic and sporty. When I was Fifty, I was… Read More ›

  • Hello world!

    The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty years supply the commentary. –Arthur Schopenhauer The sixties are all about commentary. My blog will mine this  decade  of life for insights, reassurance, and help from literature, speaking… Read More ›