Divesting in the New Year

New Year’s resolutions are bogus. They seem like a good idea but they don’t work. New year, clean slate, good intentions…all true but who has the will power? In fact, I sometimes sabotage my resolutions on the very day that I make them, just because I can. And yet, here comes another year and another snowy slate and I’m ready to try again. Why will I succeed this time? Because I am not resolving to do something new, I’m resolving to do something less. I’m going to divest in 2011. I’m going to let go of the old and open myself up to the new.

I’m going to embrace the power of less!*!

“Downsizing is about pinching, restricting and cutting back while keeping yesterday’s dreams alive; divesting is about freedom, expansion, redefining the self and dreaming new ones.”- Jane Adams, author of Boundary Issues

Here’s how I’ll do it:

*Reduce my desire for more
*Keep things de-cluttered- visual clutter creates stress
*Use visualization to picture succesful outcomes in great detail
*Start small with a ridiculously easy goal
*Play Bach
*Practice slow attention
*establish calming routines
*Eliminate something small, then something else                                   

Will I be able to do this?  We’ll see. I’ll report back.       

Divesting Haiku

Less than more
Simply sufficient
Occam’s rule

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