For Auld Lang Syne

It’s hard to listen to this tune without waxing nostalgic and growing a bit teary-eyed as I remember old friends from long ago whom I haven’t seen in years. I read somewhere that “everyone you ever meet, you first met in high school.” I’m not sure that this is true but it is a fact that some of the most interesting, smart and witty women I have ever met were high school and college friends. Most have stayed in New York and on the east coast but paths diverge and life gets in the way of renewing friendship. But I think of them. Funny how high school friends can set the bar high so that everyone you meet gets compared and contrasted. But as I grow older, that measuring stick weathers and breaks as we all rub up against life, itself. A couple of friends are on their third marriages. One continues a life of high drama, gains and losses. Others had their fifteen minutes of fame and have settled back to practice their craft. More than one has passed away.  But let that song play on New Year’s Eve and I’m back with them, eating M & Ms and playing the guitar, when happiness was endlessly talking,  laughing, and crying together as we shared our beginning lives. What made us laugh so hard that our sides ached? What made us cry? I can barely remember. The future was untapped and unrealized. Anything was possible. Anything was probable.

On New Year’s Eve I remember: Patti, Randy, Anne, Laurie, Heidi, Janet, Peggy, Susan and more. I hope they remember me. These auld acquaintances will never be forgotten. They carry my history and I, theirs.

Happy New Year 2011

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