Good Night, Irene

More extreme weather. Earthquake at the beginning of the week and now- hurricane Irene. The news is relentless with it’s warnings and dire predictions. Everything is closing down: schools, businesses, state government. Batteries were gone from stores this morning and bottled water disappeared this afternoon. Hurricane Irene has begun its progess up the east coast, due to arrive in Delaware tomorrow. The air is thick and oppressive. There’s a sweet/hot smell. Unease is in the air. I feel light pings of adrenoline as I contemplate tomorrow. John is supposed to leave for Denver on Sunday….it probably won’t happen. Zach is supposed to start school on Monday but that date has been pushed forward to Tuesday.

People are  more friendly with the approach of danger: more eye contact, pleasantries, comments about the weather. Some denigrate the quality of the meteorologists and predict much ado about nothing. We stock up on toilet paper. We keep our fingers crossed.

The Hurricane

The hurricane hits,

You batten down your hatches,

Try to secure everything.

It’s all a big mess. Hurricanes don’t Respect our boundaries!

Soon you’re just trying to survive, Holed up in a small, safe room.

You doze off. When you awake, Everything is still.

You venture outside.

You gape, speechless! The hurricane has taken All you’ve ever known And re-arranged it, Leaving it perfect, resplendent: The beauty you’ve always dreamed of!

-Mark Rieff

Categories: wisdom

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  1. An historic week in our state and town–we can add the earthquake and hurricane to our treasure trove of dangerous, scary and unusual experiences. But they may be the norm in the years to come. They keep the heart pumping fast and the mind fluttering. As if we needed them to do that for us, Sally

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