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  • Stuff & Nonsense

        I draw comfort from the fact that it’s not just me…other sixty-somethings also have a fraught relationship with their stuff.  On one hand, there’s a desire to divest oneself of old worn out possessions and dreams, on the… Read More ›

  • The Last Leg?

    First day of summer. First day of wearing shorts. I sit on the deck, catching the rays, studying my legs for changes since last year. After all, I haven’t really looked at them for many months. Still long, thin and… Read More ›

  • No more Potential for me!

    I was one of those kids told by grown-ups that I wasn’t “living up to my potential.” At the time, I wasn’t sure what ‘potential’ was, but I thought of it as balloon filled with “A’s,” awards, math skills, first… Read More ›

  • Getting “Over” It

    On May 31 I will celebrate my first full year of retirement. I had made sure I was well prepared for this year. I over-thought, over-analyzed, over-planned and over-reached. I was terrified by an image of myself sitting un-showered in… Read More ›

  • Authorial Cruelty

    After 60+ years of craving fiction, I am finding “imagined” tales tough going. I can’t seem to lose myself in the story. I am too aware of the author pulling the strings: Letting us meet the characters (and like them)… Read More ›

  • Going, Going, Gone: Another icon bites the dust

    The Newark Newsstand closed. Forever. For 28+ years I revelled in stopping there to eyeball the latest editions of my favorite magazines. The owners were tolerant and allowed that occasional noon-time read with no intent to purchase. The deeper you… Read More ›

  • Grandparenting

    My grandmother, the only grandparent I knew, immigrated to the US from the village of Minkovitz, located in what is now the Ukraine. She arrived at Ellis Island around 1906, at age 20 with her 18 year old sister, after… Read More ›

  • Hannah and Holden

    It has taken me almost til the end of the second season of Girls to “get” Hannah Horvath. I kept identifying with Hannah’s mother, disapproving of Hannah’s sloth, flightiness, financial dependence, promiscuity, risk taking, etc. I could see why it… Read More ›

  • Aging/Shmaging

    Do I want to waste my sixties trying to pretend I’m still young, a slave of the anti-aging bias in our society? Should I seize on every “youth pill,” miracle cream, and procedure that claims to erase the marks of… Read More ›

  • Full of Old Stuff

    A recent article in the Science section of the New York Times explains alot with the opening sentence. “Learning becomes more difficult as we age not because we have trouble absorbing new information, but because we fail to forget the… Read More ›